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Club Open:

Club Open: ROY


1John Prentice
11Adam Cheng
13John Girardin
25Danny Jose
Team Information
City:Toronto, ON
Contact:Danny Jose
Comments:There’s a new open touring team in town by the name corduROY. ROY will be a fun team that focuses on speed, endurance, athleticism, consistency, and team chemistry.

ROY's game will focus on Ultimate technicals. High percentage passes, "chilly" playing, tight defense, and flow are trademarks of ROY's style. ROY will play hard every point with thoroughly conditioned players.

While some teams may have a check-list of high-profile players, ROY's roster won't be littered with marquee players. ROY's vision is a team made purely of solid ultimate players from top to bottom. They might not be flashy players nor need they be walking highlight reels, but ROY will make good decisions, value the disc, and play hard from the huck to layout D. ROY will play game styles that expose strengths and limit weaknesses. By playing to ROY's strengths, ROY's goal is to portray an image of an intrepid juggernaut.

ROY's motto is Practice Hard, Work Hard, Play Hard, and Party Hard. A solid team chemistry will be integral to ROY's success and partying will be at the centre of the motivation for it. The party won't start until ROY gets there, and won't end until ROY leaves.

Through hard work, smart playing, and a unified team Spirit, ROY will be a team dedicated to a high level ultimate play. ROY will pride itself on playing smooth, solid Ultimate and, as a result, attempt to dismantle its opponents with surgical precision.

Team Composition:

We will be carrying a roster of 30 guys, 16-21 players/tournament.

For more information about the team or to contact ROY send an email to Danny Jose.
Last Modified:August 5, 2004
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Results & Schedule
Motown Throwdown OPEN
July 29Eastown Enthropy5-13
July 29Boondoggle12-11
July 29Dead Hoffa13-6
July 29DingWop7-13
July 29Nemo6-13
July 29Joyce16-8
July 29Too Bad6-11
RRI: 1899
August 17Blackfish3-15
August 17Magma7-15
August 17Firebird3-15
August 18Mephisto2-15

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