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Club Open:

Club Open: Doublewide


0Scott Berens5'10
2Marcus Gavin5'11
4Max Cook5'8
5David Melancon6'1
7Jay Lane5'8
10Don Tom5'9
11Patrick Mackie6'5
12Charlie Stavlo5'8
14Patrick Eberle6'2
15Daniel Poindexter6'0
16Kiran Thomas5'11
17Jonathan Daugherty6'2
18Michael Natenberg6'1
19Sean McCall6'3
22Stephen Presley5'10
23Calvin Lin5'9
26Francisco Acosta6'0
27Kevin Gaffney5'11
29Jason Conrad5'10
31Aaron Smith5'10
33Ross Dick6'2
37Mark Krasniewski6'4
42Asif Mohammed5'10
88Stew Ford6'3
Team Information
City:Austin, TX
Contact:dwcaptains [at]
Comments:well nasty hoop!
Last Modified:September 21, 2006
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Results & Schedule
Live Logic Texas Shootout 2006
May 13Dallas United13-8
May 13Flarp!13-9
May 13BAT10-6
May 13Ring of Fire4-13
May 13Condors13-9
May 13Texas13-12
May 13Johnny Bravo6-13
May 14Bulge11-7
RRI: 2546
July 29Shrevport W
July 29Bulge13-10
July 29Flarp! W
July 29Mississippi W
July 29Turbodog Lite W
July 30Flarp!15-6
July 30Chain Lightning17-16
RRI: 2644
Colorado Cup - Men's Elite Division
August 5Rhino11-12
August 5Johnny Bravo7-15
August 5Madison9-15
August 5Sack Lunch15-11
August 6Revolver7-15
August 6Sub Zero14-15
August 6Voodoo15-8
RRI: 2579
Chesapeake Open 2006
August 26Vicious Cycle13-14
August 26Metal13-9
August 26Potomac13-11
August 26PoNY13-8
August 27Chain Lightning10-11
August 27Pike10-12
RRI: 2630
Texas Open Sectionals
September 16SuckerPunch17-1
September 16Riverside 117-4
September 16Black Angus15-3
September 17Grit (DU)15-6
RRI: 2700
South Open Regionals
September 30NUDE15-8
September 30Turbodog15-10
September 30Vicious Cycle8-15
October 1Grit (DU) W
October 1Bulge15-9
October 1Vicious Cycle10-15
RRI: 2529

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