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College Open:

College Open: Delaware


00Matt "Slater" Galen5'10Jr
2Pat "Sprinkler" Walters6'2Sr
7Nick "Miggs" Hiranett5'8So
10Ben "Lently" Leslie5'11Sr
13Pete "Bubbles" Letteney5'8So
17Tom "T2" Decesar5'8Jr
21Kevin "Bulb" McCormick5'11Gr
23Adam "Loose" Foor5'8Jr
25Dan "Becky" Cuoco5'7So
55Neville "Club" Clubwala6'0Sr
88Danny "Ice" Calami6'3Jr
99Adam "Merman" Goldstein5'8Gr
Team Information
Team Name:Sideshow
City:Newark, DE
Last Modified:November 2, 2005
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Results & Schedule
Salisbury Leap Year
February 28Virginia Tech13-6
February 28George Washington-B13-4
February 28Rutgers13-1
February 28Maryland-Baltimore County13-2
February 29Penn State13-6
February 29Syracuse12-11
February 29Massachusetts13-8
RRI: 2653
Huck of the Irish
March 13Boston College13-7
March 13North Carolina-B13-1
March 13Oberlin12-7
March 13Salisbury13-10
March 14Brandeis13-8
March 14North Carolina State3-15
March 14Oberlin13-9
RRI: 2474
Layout Pigout
March 27Villanova13-6
March 27Fordham13-6
March 27Lehigh13-12
March 27Coast Guard13-5
March 28Vassar15-3
March 28Skidmore15-6
March 28Swarthmore17-5
RRI: 2524
April 3Virginia10-12
April 3William & Mary3-13
April 3North Carolina State11-13
April 3East Carolina12-11
April 4East Carolina12-7
April 4William & Mary4-13
April 4SUNY-Albany13-4
RRI: 2567
Colonial Sectionals
April 17Johns Hopkins-B13-1
April 17American13-2
April 17Loyola-Maryland13-0
April 17Navy13-6
April 17Towson15-9
April 18George Washington15-13
RRI: 2645
Metro East Regionals
May 1Swarthmore15-6
May 1Bucknell15-10
May 1Princeton15-7
May 2Queens-Kingston13-11
RRI: 2727
2004 UPA College Championships
May 28North Carolina State5-15
May 28Colorado10-15
May 28Iowa4-15
May 28Kansas15-12
May 29William & Mary15-17
RRI: 2652
Brian Lo Memorial
October 16Pittsburgh11-12
October 16NYU W
October 16George Washington13-9
October 17Johns Hopkins13-8
October 17Columbia13-7
October 17Williams13-11
RRI: 2639
October 31Drew8-13
Delaware Showdown
November 6St Mary's17-11
November 6Georgetown W
November 7Penn State12-15
November 7Maryland13-4
November 7Carnegie-Mellon13-7
RRI: 2635
November 8Carnegie-Mellon13-8
November 8Northeastern W

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