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College Open:

College Open: Indiana


Team Information
Team Name:Hoosiermama?s
City:Bloomington, IN
Last Modified:January 31, 2004
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Results & Schedule
Queen's City Tune Up
February 7North Carolina6-13
February 7Virginia3-13
February 7George Washington6-11
February 7Syracuse8-13
February 7Georgia Southern13-0
February 8Pennsylvania13-4
February 8North Carolina-Wilmington13-4
RRI: 2520
Arctic Vogue
February 14Chicago13-12
February 14Xavier13-2
RRI: 2479
Mardi Gras
February 21Texas Christian13-1
February 21Delaware-B13-3
February 21Arkansas-B13-0
February 21St Cloud State13-8
February 22Texas A & M7-15
RRI: 2565
College Terminus
March 13Florida6-15
March 13Swarthmore15-2
March 13Florida State13-11
March 13Clemson9-13
March 13Columbia7-13
March 14Wisconsin-B W
March 14Princeton9-15
RRI: 2421
High Tide Session III
March 15Colorado State-B W
March 15Vermont13-4
March 16Princeton13-6
March 17Bucknell9-8
March 17Oklahoma5-13
March 17Colorado State8-13
March 18Massachusetts8-13
RRI: 2492
College Southerns III
March 20Georgia Tech7-13
March 20Cornell9-10
March 20South Carolina W
March 20Vassar13-10
March 20Emory W
March 21Purdue8-7
March 21Colorado State1-11
RRI: 2392
March 27Miami-Ohio13-3
March 27Hope College13-5
Big Tens
April 3Illinois5-15
April 3St Cloud State L
April 3Notre Dame W
April 3Wheaton-Illinois14-9
April 4Chicago13-7
April 4Illinois4-15
April 4Northwestern15-13
RRI: 2567
Central Plains Sectionals
April 17Knox College15-9
April 17Northern Illinois15-6
April 17Bradley15-0
April 17Ball State15-12
April 18Purdue8-15
April 18Northwestern12-15
April 18Notre Dame15-14
April 18Chicago14-11
RRI: 2415
Great Lakes Regionals
May 8Purdue10-15
May 8Ohio Northern12-15
RRI: 2272
Wolfpack Invitational
October 16North Carolina State9-13
October 16Virginia Tech W
October 16Appalachian State W
October 16Virginia W
October 17James Madison W
October 17Florida8-11
October 17Richmond---
RRI: 2720
Fall Out
October 23Washington University10-12
RRI: 2589
November 6Wooster11-7

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