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College Open:

College Open: Florida State

Florida State

Florida State
00Brian Clarke5'10Fr
Ross GassFr
0Micah Hughes6'2Jr
Evan McMullen6'0Jr
Eric Tener5'10Sr
1Matt Bowser6'5So
5Brandon Perales5'9Sr
7Eamon Sharkey5'9Sr
8Juan Vila4'11So
10Harry Johnson5'9So
11Andrew Hevia5'8Fr
12Dustin Schaller6'0Fr
14Stephen Poulos5'11Sr
15Kevin DoverFr
17Leif Force5'9So
20John Allaman5'9Jr
21Boston Rich5'10Fr
27Cuyler O'Brian5'8Fr
29Boner 5'11Fr
30Drew Graff5'8Jr
42Robby Rob5'10So
Team Information
School:Florida State
Team Name:DUF
City:Tallahassee, FL
Last Modified:March 22, 2004
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Florida State-B
Results & Schedule
Florida Winter Classic
January 17South Florida13-9
January 17Wisconsin-B11-9
January 17LSU13-9
January 17Georgia10-13
January 17East Carolina13-9
January 18Tennessee15-13
January 18Florida12-10
January 18Georgia14-16
RRI: 2690
Queen's City Tune Up
February 7Tennessee11-9
February 7Georgia Tech12-10
February 7North Carolina-B13-5
February 7Michigan6-12
February 8Michigan State13-10
February 8William & Mary6-13
RRI: 2668
February 14Florida-B13-0
February 14South Florida13-8
February 14Central Florida15-13
February 14Valdosta State13-5
February 14Emory-B13-5
February 15Florida-B15-7
February 15Central Florida15-6
RRI: 2415
Mardi Gras
February 21Michigan12-7
February 21Arkansas11-10
February 21Kansas9-14
February 21Texas12-11
February 22Tufts12-11
February 22Texas A & M8-9
RRI: 2786
3rd Annual Tally Classic
March 6Clemson13-6
March 6Florida State-B13-1
March 6Alfred13-2
March 6Sail HS13-1
March 6Tally Club13-6
March 6Central Florida13-2
March 7North Florida13-10
March 7North Carolina-Asheville13-2
March 7Clemson16-14
RRI: 2435
High Tide Session 2
March 9Western Illinois13-4
March 9Boston University11-8
March 9Drew9-6
March 10Wesleyan10-13
March 10Michigan State13-8
March 11Boston University13-8
March 11Wesleyan11-15
March 11Syracuse10-8
RRI: 2458
College Terminus
March 13Princeton12-13
March 13Washington University9-10
March 13Indiana11-13
March 13Notre Dame15-8
March 14Massachusetts10-7
March 14Elon11-7
March 14Princeton15-13
RRI: 2521
College Southerns III
March 20Dartmouth10-11
March 20Duke12-10
March 20Wisconsin-Whitewater12-10
March 20St Thomas13-5
March 21Ohio State7-12
March 21Minnesota12-8
RRI: 2579
Spring Collegiates
March 27California-San Diego13-12
March 27Rice13-6
March 27Arkansas13-11
March 27Tennessee8-13
March 27Texas A & M8-13
March 28LSU9-13
March 28California12-10
March 28California-San Diego13-14
RRI: 2690
South Sectionals
April 17Emory11-7
April 17Georgia Southern12-13
April 17Georgia8-13
April 17South Carolina13-11
April 17Valdosta State12-7
April 18Southern Polytech State13-9
April 18Clemson15-8
April 18Georgia Southern15-8
RRI: 2455
Atlantic Coast Regionals
May 1Richmond15-10
May 1William & Mary3-15
May 1Florida15-12
May 1Virginia7-15
RRI: 2696
Wolfpack Invitational
October 16North Carolina L
October 16Washington & Lee W
October 16North Carolina-Wilmington W
October 16Richmond W
October 17Salisbury9-8
October 17East Carolina L
October 17Virginia---
RRI: 2467
Fall Collegiates
October 23William & Mary W
October 23Elon W
October 23Duke13-5
October 23North Carolina L
October 23East Carolina W
October 23Ohio W
October 23William & Mary L
RRI: 2748

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