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College Open:

College Open: Massachusetts


0Brent Anderson5'10Gr
Andrew Grund5'7Sr
Tucker Merrick6'6So
Ryan Mones5'11Fr
Joe Montana6'0Jr
Patrick Ryan6'0Fr
Dan Webber5'10Fr
Greg Wobst5'11Jr
4Trevor Connors5'9Jr
6Eric Miller5'11Jr
7Colin Richardson5'9Sr
8David Barker5'11So
13Ari Kasal5'10Jr
14Evan Johnson5'11So
18Ian Darling6'0Gr
20Ryan Johnson5'9Sr
21James Bress6'0Jr
24Zack Bolles5'10So
25Henry Brecher5'10So
27Bob Wang5'11Jr
31Kevin Cooper5'10So
44Noah Wizer-Vecchi5'8So
56Joe Costello6'1Gr
77Keith Otis6'2Jr
Team Information
Team Name:ZooDisc
City:Amherst, MA
Last Modified:October 24, 2005
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Results & Schedule
Salisbury Leap Year
February 28Johns Hopkins13-7
February 28Pittsburgh11-7
February 28Rhode Island13-5
February 28Mary Washington13-1
February 29Columbia13-10
February 29Bucknell10-8
February 29Delaware8-13
RRI: 2546
College Terminus
March 13Wake Forest10-12
March 13Tennessee7-10
March 13Georgia Tech8-13
March 13Maryland13-12
March 14Florida State7-10
March 14Yale15-8
March 14Wisconsin-B15-9
RRI: 2533
High Tide Session III
March 16Wisconsin-B13-4
March 16Bucknell6-13
March 16Vassar13-7
March 17Amherst13-8
March 17Connecticut College13-5
March 17Princeton13-5
March 18Indiana13-8
March 18Oklahoma12-15
March 18Amherst13-6
RRI: 2601
April 4Amherst9-15
April 8Amherst (ARHS)15-9
Yale Cup
April 10NYU13-6
April 10Boston University15-9
April 10Northeastern13-5
April 10Wesleyan14-15
April 11Cornell14-10
April 11Tufts15-17
RRI: 2466
West New England Sectionals
April 17Middlebury-B13-1
April 17Williams10-13
April 17Williams-C13-1
April 17Vermont13-6
April 18Middlebury15-13
April 18Williams15-3
RRI: 2676
Amherst College Snack Pack Invitational
April 25Amherst11-13
April 25Amherst (ARHS)10-9
April 25Williams13-7
RRI: 2618
April 28Amherst (ARHS)15-11
New England Regionals
May 8Brandeis12-13
May 8Northeastern15-6
May 8MIT12-11
May 8Wesleyan10-15
RRI: 2256
Delaware Showdown
November 7Penn State8-13
RRI: 2468

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