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College Open:

College Open: North Carolina

North Carolina

North Carolina
1Zack Washburn6'4So
2Chris Walthers5'10Fr
3Ryan Coffield5'11Fr
8Thanveer Gadwal5'7So
9George Guthrie6'2So
11Josh Torell6'2Fr
12Trevor Hitch6'0Sr
14Bynum Hoekstra6'2Jr
19Timur Hammond6'0Sr
22Brian Becker5'11Fr
23Will Rearick5'8Fr
24Neal Brincefield6'5Gr
25Elliott Murray6'1Sr
29Grant Gill5'10Sr
32Josh Berkowitz6'1Sr
33Mark Confroy6'0Fr
36Christopher Donahoe5'6Fr
42Mat Thomas5'9Fr
45Clay Thomas6'0Sr
69Eric Kirkham6'2Sr
Team Information
School:North Carolina
Team Name:North Carolina
City:Chapel Hill, NC
Last Modified:February 20, 2005
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North Carolina-B
Results & Schedule
Queen's City Tune Up
February 7Virginia10-11
February 7Georgia Southern13-4
February 7Syracuse13-3
February 7George Washington12-5
February 7Indiana13-6
February 8Ohio State13-7
February 8North Carolina State7-13
RRI: 2811
Stanford Invite
March 6Stanford12-11
March 6Wisconsin13-12
March 6Oregon State13-11
March 7Washington13-6
March 7California-Santa Barbara15-11
March 7Stanford15-16
RRI: 2992
College Southerns III
March 20Minnesota10-8
March 20Purdue13-4
March 20Towson13-3
March 20Wisconsin-Milwaukee13-0
March 21Georgia Tech11-7
March 21Cornell11-8
March 21Columbia11-3
March 21Ohio State14-11
RRI: 2822
College Easterns
March 27Queens-Kingston15-11
March 27George Washington14-12
March 27North Carolina-Wilmington15-5
March 28Duke15-7
March 28Cornell15-8
March 28Georgia15-4
March 28Tufts15-11
RRI: 2841
Carolina Sectionals
April 17North Carolina-Wilmington11-1
April 17North Carolina-Asheville11-4
April 17East Carolina11-5
April 17Davidson11-3
April 17Duke11-2
April 17North Carolina-Greensboro11-1
April 18North Carolina State14-11
RRI: 2912
Atlantic Coast Regionals
May 1Wake Forest15-5
May 1Tennessee15-7
May 1Georgia12-15
May 2Virginia15-12
May 2North Carolina State13-15
RRI: 2839
Wolfpack Invitational
October 16North Carolina-Wilmington W
October 16Washington & Lee W
October 16Florida State W
October 16Florida8-13
October 17Virginia W
October 17East Carolina L
October 17Florida13-7
RRI: 2895
Fall Collegiates
October 23Georgia Tech13-5
October 23Salisbury13-4
October 23Central Florida W
October 23Florida State W
October 23Ohio W
October 23East Carolina W
October 23North Carolina State W
October 23Georgia Tech15-12
October 23Florida7-17
RRI: 2834
Classic City Classic XXXI
November 6California15-3
November 6Iowa14-15
November 6Georgia Tech10-15
RRI: 2742

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