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College Open:

College Open: Florida


00Matt Deavenport6'0Sr
Dustin Traviglini5'7So
1Tim Gehret5'10Gr
2Michael June6'2Gr
7Joseph Cutrono5'7Sr
8Nate Stewart5'9Gr
11Gray Kirkmyer6'2Sr
14Chris Schmidt6'1So
17Jon Windham6'3Sr
19Kent-Eric Hagman6'0Fr
20Kurt Gibson6'2Jr
21Broderick Smith6'4Fr
22Cyle Van Auken6'0Sr
25Zach Floyd6'1So
35Geoff Chiles5'9Fr
47Anthony Traina5'8So
49Bill MacQueen5'9Gr
82Aaron Herman6'1Gr
84Drew Coman6'3Sr
Team Information
Team Name:UFUCT
City:Gainesville, FL
Last Modified:January 4, 2006
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Results & Schedule
Florida Winter Classic
January 17Auburn13-6
January 17Georgia Southern13-6
January 17Tennessee13-7
January 17Vanderbilt13-10
January 17Brown13-12
January 18East Carolina15-6
January 18Florida State10-12
January 18LSU15-10
RRI: 2805
Queen's City Tune Up
February 7North Carolina State5-9
February 7Michigan State9-8
February 7North Carolina-Wilmington13-4
February 7Richmond10-4
February 7Penn State13-3
February 8Georgia Tech8-7
February 8Virginia8-11
RRI: 2840
College Terminus
March 13Swarthmore15-4
March 13Indiana15-6
March 13Purdue15-8
March 13Illinois15-7
March 14Vermont15-3
March 14Georgia Tech15-7
March 14Georgia14-12
March 14Michigan State15-13
RRI: 2954
College Centex
March 20California13-15
March 20Tulane13-7
March 20Illinois13-10
March 20Oregon13-11
March 20California-San Diego9-13
March 21Colorado10-15
March 21Wisconsin9-15
March 21Texas14-9
RRI: 2883
South Sectionals
April 17Central Florida13-3
April 17Georgia-B13-0
April 17Charleston13-4
April 17Georgia Tech13-9
April 17Florida-B11-5
April 18Clemson13-6
April 18Georgia10-15
April 18Georgia Tech7-15
RRI: 2730
Atlantic Coast Regionals
May 1Tennessee14-16
May 1Wake Forest15-11
May 1Florida State12-15
RRI: 2571
Wolfpack Invitational
October 16Salisbury13-8
October 16Duke-B13-2
October 16Richmond13-10
October 16North Carolina13-8
October 17Indiana11-8
October 17North Carolina State12-13
October 17North Carolina7-13
RRI: 2783
Fall Collegiates
October 23Maryland13-8
October 23Drexel13-2
October 23East Carolina13-4
October 23North Carolina State13-6
October 23William & Mary13-2
October 23Georgia Tech13-7
October 23East Carolina15-8
October 23William & Mary15-6
October 23North Carolina17-7
RRI: 3027

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