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College Open:

College Open: North Carolina State

North Carolina State

North Carolina State
Team Information
School:North Carolina State
Team Name:Wolfpack
City:Raleigh, NC
Last Modified:March 31, 2004
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North Carolina State-B
Results & Schedule
Queen's City Tune Up
February 7Richmond13-0
February 7North Carolina-Wilmington12-5
February 7Florida9-5
February 7Penn State13-8
February 7Michigan State13-6
February 8Tennessee10-8
February 8North Carolina13-7
February 8William & Mary10-13
RRI: 2918
Huck of the Irish
March 13St Mary's13-4
March 13Towson-B/Alumni13-2
March 13Johns Hopkins13-9
March 13Edinboro13-5
March 14Queens-Kingston11-10
March 14Delaware15-3
March 14Ohio State15-9
RRI: 2812
College Centex
March 20Kansas13-8
March 20Stanford13-11
March 20Washington14-12
March 20Iowa13-8
March 20Arizona13-10
March 21Wisconsin14-8
March 21Colorado9-15
March 21Stanford13-9
RRI: 2991
College Easterns
March 27Tufts14-15
March 27Pennsylvania15-5
March 27Cornell15-11
March 27Queens-Kingston14-9
March 28Williams15-9
March 28Georgia13-14
RRI: 2793
April 3Virginia13-9
April 3William & Mary8-13
April 3Delaware13-11
April 3East Carolina13-8
April 4Virginia Tech13-2
April 4Virginia7-10
RRI: 2681
Carolina Sectionals
April 17Guilford College11-2
April 17Elon11-3
April 17Warren Wilson11-0
April 17Wake Forest11-4
April 17North Carolina-B11-2
April 18Appalachian State11-2
April 18North Carolina11-14
April 18East Carolina15-7
RRI: 2802
Atlantic Coast Regionals
May 1Clemson15-5
May 1Virginia15-7
May 1William & Mary14-15
May 2Richmond15-11
May 2North Carolina15-13
May 9Georgia15-9
RRI: 2880
2004 UPA College Championships
May 28Delaware15-5
May 28Iowa15-12
May 28Colorado13-15
May 29Illinois16-14
May 29California10-15
RRI: 2833
Wolfpack Invitational
October 16Virginia Tech13-8
October 16Appalachian State13-7
October 16Indiana13-9
October 16East Carolina13-8
October 17Richmond13-9
October 17Florida13-12
October 17East Carolina9-15
RRI: 2683
Fall Collegiates
October 23Mary Washington14-15
October 23Ohio W
October 23Emory W
October 23Florida6-13
October 23William & Mary L
October 23Georgia Tech8-13
October 23North Carolina L
RRI: 2565
Classic City Classic XXXI
November 6Kansas14-15
November 6Georgia Tech13-15
November 6Illinois15-14
RRI: 2801
Ultimax XXXIV
December 4
Greenville, NC

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